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How to Recognize the Real Jews


World News Nov. 19, 2022

The bible(Jews’ bible) actually gives us ways to identify the real Jews even today, so let’s take a look.

#1. They(Jews) will not have knowledge of their true history(not outside of the bible). And this information will not be taught in schools, obviously. [Jeremiah 17:4]

#2. They will be among the poor, if not the poorest people living. [James 2:5]

#3. They will be living in a land where they were enslaved, until Christ comes for them.[1 Kings 8:47]

#4. The fathers will be known to leave the home, leaving the women alone to poorly raise the children as a single parent.[Deuteronomy 28:54]

#5. The Jew sons will be known troublemakers and in and out of the prisons due to lack of fathers in the home to properly raise them. [Isaiah 42:22]

#6. The women will have bad hair, and will lead to them having fake hair aka weave in hair.[Isaiah 3:17; 1 Timothy 2:9]

#7. They will have a past of working in the fields while in slavery, due to the curse.[Deuteronomy 28:3]

#8. The men will be known to fight one another, even killing each other, but not their oppressor.[Deuteronomy 28:54]

#9, The women will be strong and disrespectful to their men. Walking around lazily sliding the feet with a false sense of entitlement. [Isaiah 3:16]

#10. They(millions) will be brought to a new land on cargo slave ships and sold like animals on auction blocks. And no man will redeem them. They will remain in a low state until Christ returns. [Deuteronomy 28:68]

#11. They will be told that they are not the Jews by the people in the land where they were sold. But in the end they will be told that they are the real Jews and children of God. Hosea 1:10; Romans 9:26

#12. The oppressors will murder the Jews and hold themselves not guilty. [Zechariah 11:5]

#13. Nations will secretly conspire against the real Jews. The real Jews will have no chair at the national meetings. [Psalms 83:3-5]

#14. They will not have possession of Israel until Christ returns. The synagogue, the land of Israel will be in possession by non Jews by way of Satan(whoever currently runs and control Israel today). Until Christ returns. [Revelation 2:9; Luke 21:24]

Good luck and I hope this helps.


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