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304 Phase Is Over!

Unfaithful Lover

The 304 phase has been a long process that men have dealt with for the last few years, and is no longer a concern due to the site: LadyFax https://www.ladyfax.com. This site is encouraging not only men, but women as well to report every woman that is seen cheating or has a thot background. So if you know someone that has a not so good sexual past, or is living a secret thot life, this site encourage everyone to post her here. Every post is anonymous.

This site is owned by a group of men that have decided to do something about this trend. They created the site hoping to change the effects of the 304 thot trend.

This site encourages that If the woman you are seeing is married, go to the site and post her. If she is single and you had a one night stand with her, post her. They encourage that you post her whether it’s been days or 100 years ago. Her current lover deserves to know the truth.

Faithful Conditional Lover

Millions of men are not getting what they signed up for. Some have no clue who they are married to. Some have no clue what their separated wife has done while separated. And these women expect their men to never find out. So the site creators depends and relies on the integrity of men to report their interactions with these women for the brotherhood of men. There is no cost to post on this site. 100% free.


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