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Desperate Cougar Predator


Desperate Cougars are on the prowl. The modern women of today have found themselves in very desperate situations. They have left their husbands thinking they have another shot at getting their, “dream” guy. The problem is their getting a false reflection of themselves. In this day and age we have embraced lying to keep peace, to make ourselves feel good by making someone else feel good whether it’s the truth or a lie. They hear and see compliments all their lives and eventually start believing it. So why not? Why should I have to “settle” with this lazy husband?

The dating sites are all predator women looking for their next victim. The Desperate Cougar Predator thinks she can be a slut all her life and then find some hard working loyal man at her age after being used by under average men. Some have been married and physically loyal until they decide selfishly, to leave. Then the hunt is on. They are now looking for Mr. Right. There are so many sites to choose from. And most are free for the Desperate Cougar Predator.

What do we really think? Well, if we could speak freely we would think, “Why is she dressed like a 20 year old?” “Does she have mothballs in her pocketbook?” “What is that smell?” “Why didn’t her husband come after her when she left him?” “Mommy?”

In conclusion, the Desperate Cougar Predator should not fall for the meaningless compliments that she has been getting all her life. They are nothing more than just that. Inadvertently we have created a major problem with these compliments and should start being honest. After all they are the weaker vessel. So my last words to a Desperate Cougar Predator would be, “Woman, where is thou husband?”


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