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Best Franchise Pizza

The Best Pizza!

The best franchise pizza is definitely subjective but I am going to give my input and opinion on this subject. First, I am a huge fan of the pie. And hands down NY makes the best pizza, but this is about the franchises only. I will list them from the 1 to 3, starting with the 3rd best.

Coming in at Number 3: Domino’s. Domino’s really needs to revamp the taste of their pizza. The sauce is a little too dry and lacks flavor. After eating a Domino’s pizza I usually ask myself, “why did I just buy a Domino’s pizza?”

Coming in at Number 2: Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut has it all, flavor, cheese and sauce. The crust is always finger licking good, and leaving you wishing you had a bigger stomach.

Coming in at Number 1: Marco’s. Yup, Marco’s is the best! Marco’s have figured out that the cheese is the key to a good pizza. This is one of the biggest hidden secrets, I guess it’s hidden because the others are far behind.


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