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The Downside of Being a Modern Woman


November 11,2022

The world has led the American woman to believe she would do better chasing a career. But we will take a closer look at the real reality of chasing the dream. The following will be the typical results of a woman chasing a career with a salary under $100k annually.

#1. She will die alone. No true modern woman is easy to get along with. She has her own ideas and it’s only enough room for her in this space.

#2. She will usually have no kids. If she does she will be strict and will push them away.

#3. Her home will be used to pay for her room at the retirement home. And there she will be bitter and mean.

#4. Her best friend will be a dog, rare occasions a cat.

#5. She will not understand what true femininity is. She thinks wearing a dress and lipstick is all that is needed and she expects to fool any male. But she will only get furious because no male will buy this.

#6. She will be looked at as weird. No one will tell her this. She’s obviously delusional and most will let her live her lie.

#7. She will never be truly happy because the fact is that a lot of modern women are covert lesbians and force themselves into marrying men for the look and social acceptance. Once she is happy in her skin she will divorce the guy.


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