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Signs That The Woman Beside You is Weak


Having a weak woman will cause issues that you would not want to have to deal with. In some cases this can not be fix and is best to not continuing moving forward with her. In this article I will list a few things that are hints for you to watch out for. Some direct and some indirect, but will be true signs of a weak girlfriend or wife.

#1. She will not have many goals. She’s pretty much just hanging around in life waiting for nothing. She takes what is given. She does not create anything.

#2. People will approach her just to put a seed in her head. You will know this when she comes back to you and tell you. Whatever she tells you that was said to her directly or indirectly will be very ambiguous. It will be a seed that will grow inside of her and destroy her life, and possibly yours. People, especially older women, will approach younger women that are married or in a relationship and plant seeds in her head and it will manifest. The weak woman gives off signals that will attract other people that are willing to plant seeds in her head.

Most people won’t approach a strong minded woman this way.

#3. She will not support you or your financial ideas, even if it’s profitable. She is okay with the two of you doing nothing. In fact she’d rather be the bread winner just to keep you from making her life complicated. A weak woman hates real mental tasks.

#4. She will puzzle you with her thinking. Kids say the darndest things.

#5. She won’t openly defend you. She will take the sides of the others when the joke is own her man or husband.

#6. She will believe weird things coming from others before she believes logic coming from you. This is a real doozy. This one in particular is very dangerous and should be dealt with as soon as possible. If you are not in love with her I would suggest walking away. This type of woman is almost impossible to help.


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