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The Cycle of a Feminist Woman


A feminist woman will use no real attempts to get a man. She will just accepts the guy that approaches her. He has to appear femininely masculine(AFF an Alpha with a Feminine Flare). She can’t put herself in a situation with a guy that will harm her. She want him to appear as masculine as possible with a feminine flare.

Step One: The Snare

First, she is flattered that the guy likes her. She will listen to learn what he likes in a woman. She will then transform herself into exactly what he likes, dresses, makeup, perfume, sex, etc. She will give her all and steal from another to give him more. She will fall in love and make you feel safe to fall in love with her. She will encourage it. “I got you baby,” she will tell you. She will keep this up until you two are married. Why? Because she doesn’t want to be viewed as a failure, feminist or a lesbian. She want to prove to the world that she’s a woman. She is usually homophobic, due to her covert questionable sexuality.

Beta male in training

Step Two: The Training

Years after being married a typical traditional woman will become more feminine and enhance your masculinity, you both will enhance each other due to wanting the opposite of each other’s sexual energy, but she, the feminist woman will begin to challenge you and your thinking, only to find out you were right all along, but that doesn’t matter she likes challenging you because you hate it. She will start cursing, swearing like a sailor. She will stop using makeup, perfume and ditch the dresses. She’s noticing that she’s getting away with saying what she wants, and loving it. She won’t stop. You’re getting used to it. She’s turning you into a Beta male, a simp, a wimp, a bitch. But not her bitch. She’d rather have the real deal.

Step Three: The Inevitable

She’s noticing that she’s not attracted to you anymore. At least not sexually. She’s definitely not “in love,” anymore, that’s gone. She needs a man. Not like the Beta she created in you. The Beta man walks on eggshells. Even during sex he will ask what she wants, trying to please her by asking her. Loser. She doesn’t feel like a woman and want a man to make her feel like a woman. She is not feminine and she does not feel quite right. Something is wrong but she doesn’t know what it is. It’s weird. It’s odd. She’s out of place, but does not know where her place is. She does not know how to deal with this. So many options, so many questions. Her heart is pounding and wanting to solve things, but her head is on vacation. She has no leadership. A snake without a head is a dead snake. She is so confused. Stop! She wants out.

Step Four: The Cycle

After she leaves her husband she will live alone looking for the next unsure guy(An AFF) to set him into his Beta place. She does this not to hurt anyone on purpose. She does this because she refuses to accept the fact that she is not attracted to men. A woman: a traditional woman needs a man for what he is and brings, his masculinity. That should be more than enough. If a woman is turned off by this she’s simply not a woman.


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