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Top 5 Telltale Signs Your Wife is a Lesbian


The top 5 will start from the last. Let’s begin:

#5. Loves Sports

She knows stats better than you and when you say something wrong she knows it and quick to prove you wrong with performance stats. And she’s usually right.

#4. Lazy Hairdo

She may do her hair sometimes, but only for a reason. She prefers the “natural” look. She will tell you that she’s just not into that. But when you’re out with her, watch how she looks at the pretty women with the pretty hairdos.

#3. Her Laugh

She laughs from her belly. It’s very real and natural. She wont do this until she is very comfortable with you. But she will do it.

#2. Bossy

It’s cute when a lady tries to boss you, but not when a lesbian does it. She will gain power when she sees the look from you being confused from her doing this and will continue. A heterosexual women would not like that look from you. She would stop and drop into a more submissive role and explain it again from her correct position.

#1. Short Nails

She’s not going to grow nails. It’s too feminine for her, and it just feels weird. However, she will grow them slightly if she feels someone is on to her, but not by much.

Thanks for reading and if you have any additional tips please leave them in the comment section, thanks!


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