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Trumps’ personal dinner invitation to football tigers of Clemson

Trumps personal dinner invitation

Offering a dinner in the White House would be an encouragement for the Football Tigers of Clemson, said Michael Strahan. Trump’s personal dinner invitation after fast food slap-up of White House offered a real meal to football tigers of Clemson.

Within the speech, the invitation spread among people as President Donald Trump announced a fast food dinner for Clemson football tigers. People along with Strahan also tweeted and personally invited Clemson football tigers after white house fast food slap-up.

President Trump also loves to eat fast food, and that is why he announced a fast food meal for the real football tigers of Clemson, through Trump’s personal dinner invitation.

Because of the recent limited shutdown of government, the kitchen staff of the White House is not coming to the White House. And, therefore, President Trump’s personal dinner invitation to football tigers of Clemson was all at a personal cost of President Trump.

According to the latest report of Washington post, the cost for dinner for the football tigers of Clemson was not more than $3000.

All of the football players of Clemson were satisfied with the great meal and having a company of people like President and other secretaries and major authorities of White House. They were extremely unbiased over Trump’s personal dinner invitation, and they remained neutral over the dinner.

This is what players have tweeted about Trump’s personal dinner invitation to the football tigers of Clemson, after a long fast food slap-up.

That is what players replied and responded towards the dinner after the long fast food slap-up of White House. They all tried to make it as a normal invitation and appealed people not to indulge themselves having a political point of view about the dinner.

Everyone in the White House welcomed the football tigers of Clemson with a great sense of honor. Each team player appreciated Trump’s personal dinner invitation while enjoying hamburgers which were in plenty there for the team.

“Whoever can make it, we’ll hook you up with lobster. Whatever you want, we’re going to take care of you,” Strahan said on the program. “We’re going to give you the proper meal that you deserve because that was one great game, a great accomplishment.”

No player of the Clemson football team complained regarding Trump’s personal dinner invitation and that is why the dinner was awesome in all respect, with respect to food with respect to dine and place of dinner etc.




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