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5 Signs You Are Settling With Your Wife

Settling For A Wife

This article is for the husband, but not limited to.

#5. Your wife doesn’t do the things she used to do. In the beginning years before marrying your wife she would do anything and never judge you. She thought everything you said or touched was pure gold, or led you to believe. She showed the utmost admiration for you and shared it all to her friends and family.

#4. Your past girlfriends were more attractive. If your past girlfriends were more attractive by social standards chances are you are settling. Sometimes it is best to wait. Nothing usually good comes with rushing, unless you’re a linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

5 Signs You Are Settling With Your Wife

#3. You met her after losing your more attractive girlfriend. The woman you married was the woman that eased your pain from the previous relationship. She knew you were vulnerable and willing took advantage of that. She locked you in by intentionally getting pregnant or forcing marriage onto you. Keep in mind some women can do this to make it appear it was an accident and knowing your morals that you will do the right thing by not getting an abortion and the whole time you will think it was your idea, which she led and orchestrated for you to believe.

#2. Your love for her gradually came later. She fell for you quicker and pursued you long before you decided she was the one. You began to overlook her lack of beauty and genially fall in love with her. Your love will usually end up being the stronger of the two due to the gradual build with true inner love. You’ll view her with your heart and you will see her as a very beautiful woman. Some will see that look in your eyes with confusion, wondering why? He must love her.

#1. She’s done more for you than you have for her. What I mean by this is before you married your wife she flourished you with gifts, surprises and her time was always available for you.


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