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The Color Purple Hidden Agenda

The Color Purple Hidden Agenda

The Color Purple movie was release in 1985, during the time when it was noticeable that black men were going through an identity change. Black men, whom formerly referred to as a “Buck,” were becoming uncontrollable and non cooperative, so the demising plan was inevitable. But the question is: who would want this? Well let’s see who was effected and how.

The Slave Owners

The Bucks were the mule and foundation of most work loads and projects, this goes further back than the Americas, but we’ll start here. The white slave owners obviously relied on and progressed with the help of the Bucks. So for the white slave owners this is a must have.

The Black Women

The black mothers wanted strong sons but would soon see them killed due to their bravery, so they began to help soften and feminize the boys. Keeping them “safe,” and non threatening to the “Masters.”  When the time came when the woman needed a strong son, her daughter stepped up in the place of the broken son. The white slave owners saw nothing threatening about a strong black woman, in fact he benefited from it. The “strong” black woman took charge of the home and was the white slave owners correspondent. She pleased her master with a smile and began to feel what it felt like to have the honor that was out right created and made for a man, the Buck.

The White Woman

The white woman was and is the least concern for the Buck. She liked nothing more than to compare her white husband to what she saw and realized. She had no idea and realized that it wasn’t her fault but her less endowed husband’s. She has no idea that she could actually enjoy having intercourse. As a matter of fact, the white women is the only one that does not directly progress from a weaker Buck, she actually prefers him to be aggressive.

The Color Purple Hidden Agenda

This leads us back to the film The Color Purple. A white slave owner(Steven Spielberg) and the black woman(Oprah Winfrey). The agenda is for little black boys to watch this and to see the character, “Mister ” as a demonic beast.  During and after this film was an increase in the black men theory. Black men(entertainers, actors and sports athletes, etc.) must act and look weaker to fit in. Examples; Lionel Ritchie, Kool & The Gang, Terrence Trent D’Arby, Michael Jackson, Prince, Stoney Jackson, Al Sharpton, RuPaul, just to name a few.  Ironically this is a term most black women and white men hate to use towards a black guy, even today. But in fact what a black “woman” loves to call her “Master,” Mister.


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