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3 Things A Black Woman Can’t Do


3 Things a black woman can’t do. This article is not to discourage but to give a perspective to the modern day black woman. Here are a list of things that most black women find difficult doing.

1. Inspire Her Man

Most black woman think too highly of themselves to do this to any black man. The understanding of doing this is very foreign to them. In fact, even the below average looking, and uneducated black woman has a false confidence that was inherited from her single mother or grandmother, aka Big Mamma. If there is any inspiring going on they believe it should be the black man inspiring them. This is a form of entitlement that is throughout the black community, especially with black women.

2. Bring Peace To a Home

Peace will never be in the home of a modern day black woman. Whether she helped you build a home or inherited a home, through marriage or family, she will surely tear it down single handedly. She will never, ever bring peace to the home, this is impossible. She will try but will never accomplish this Olympic style task. Why? Because she is out of place. When you are out of place you become restless. You can’t sit still. You will forever be uncomfortable. The only way to feel any normalcy is to make everyone around you just as nuts or confused as you are.

3. Cooperate With a Man

In order to cooperate generally one must follow and one must lead. In order to follow one must accept that they are weaker, in some regards. This is not in the DNA of a modern day black woman. The Garden of Eden was never tempted until Eve later appeared. Adam was there working long before Eve ever arrived. She was tempted because she is the weaker of the two. This is a known fact. Eve wanted to have more power, just like the modern day black woman. The modern day black woman is very anecdotal but feels she has the answers to life.

There is strength in cooperating. There is power in being submissive. But it takes some level of intelligence to understand that, and this somehow has eluded the modern day black woman. Cooperate,… that she will not do.

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