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Time Is On Man’s Side Not On Woman’s

Dying Alone

The married clock is actually ticking, for some even stopped, for the women if you plan to get married. Most will die alone. The percentage of women leaving their husbands is on the rise. Marrying is down, due to feminism. “You don’t need a man?” Sure you do, just ask the single elderly women what would they do if they could go back in time.

Dying Alone

As the man ages, providing that his income rises, he will have more options, meaning more women that will gladly fight for him. A woman 35+ raising her income has a complete reverse effect. As the man matures, 50s, 60, and even 70s+ women are lining up looking for that man that could take care of them.

Older and loving it!

Most single guys and divorced guys are learning this and holding out for the 25-30 year old woman that is without the corruption of feminism. This woman will be traditional only. A career woman is not ideal unless she uses her degree(s) and work part time for her husband. She is beautiful and most of all in Shape, Fit! If this woman is not picture perfect she will be overlooked. This is the candy store for the men at this point. She will cater and help her husband, and in return he will take care of her. She will have no financial worries. She will not die alone!

25 year old potential

The women that are single and above 35 are moving rapidly farther away from any chances of getting married. Not saying that you can’t, just that the chances decreases every hour of the day. The women that are 35 and older usually have kids from another man, so she will need a husband and step dad. The lion kills the cubs left behind by the lion that he defeats to be the king. The husband and step dad role is the lowest position for any man, and not ideal. The women 35 and older are usually single or divorced for a reason. Usually they are pigheaded and very modern.

Older guy for younger woman

During the early years women in their early 20s the women then were playing and flourishing in their beauty and using it to get what they wanted, which for most tangible things, money, jewelry, joy rides, etc., but never insisted or accepted an engagement ring due to the hypergamy mindset. During her early 20s she is in the candy store and with so many options it’s hard to select, so she selects a little of everything, for almost 2 decades thinking this candy store will always exist for her. Luckily some understand and seek marriage before 30.

Prime at 25

This is not a happy thing for the women 35 and over, but that’s life for you.


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