Is BLM Black Lives Matter a Fraud

Is BLM sending a false or hidden message? Are they truly for Black lives or are they hi-jacking a movement for financial gain? What percentage of their funds will actually be going to the black communities? The BLM Black Lives Matter website in their About section clearly states that they plan to uplift gay and lesbians and to take away...

Uncle Tom Scott

Columbia, SC - Let Uncle Tom Scott dance for you. World's number 1 coon.

George Floyd

I can't breath.

Cheap Hosting

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Blindside vs Certainty Herbicide

Blindside herbicide is quickly becoming a household product for most pesticide applicators around the world. Blindside has 6% Metsulfuron and 60% Sulfentrazone. It covers over 70 broadleaf weeds. Certainty herbicide has 75% Sulfosulfuron and does really good on Kyllinga. I would have them both in my arsenal, but if I could only have one, I'd go with Blindside. PesticidePros

How to Get Your Book Published

Getting your book published is a very daunting undertaking to add to your daily schedule. If your material is completed and you feel the work was worth the long days and nights of endless sweat and tears you should seek a publisher to do the rest. Some publishers offer advancements to help you with some income. This is usually...

A Trial Shows Remdesivir Drug can Block Coronavirus

The preliminary result suggests that there is an antiviral drug that can speed the recovery from COVID-19. This antiviral drug called Remdesivir. Hopefully, Remdesivir drug for COVID-19 can show efficacy against this pandemic. It is supposed to be the first coronavirus treatment.  A comparison of the drug with the placebo suggests that it can recover the infected patients 31% faster....

Annihilation in People of Color by Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is one of the most common surgeries performed in the 20th century on U.S. women. Numerous Black native American girls and women faced sterilization without their consent. The "eugenic movement" was spreading rapidly in the United States. As a result, thousands of poor, black, and undesired Americans undergone the process of sterilization. The partnership between the American government,...

Effective Antiviral Drugs to Treat Coronavirus In the Pipeline. We will Have the Cure Finally.

Now new studies are underway for the discovery of anti-viral drugs. These drugs might be useful for the treatment of coronavirus. Good news is that a few practical researches are now showing some fruitful results. Coronavirus is a nasty pandemic, which has been spreading like a fire for months. After emerging in Wuhan, China, it started spreading worldwide with time. There are...

High Temperature can kill Coronavirus or reduce its spread

What kills Coronavirus? As it has become an uncontrollable global disease and spreading rapidly, everyone is concerned about this question. World Health Organization (WHO) declared Coronavirus a global pandemic officially on March 11. And according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is the first outbreak of an epidemic in 11 years.  Association between Coronavirus and Sunlight According...