Friday, September 25, 2020
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Is BLM Black Lives Matter a Fraud

Is BLM sending a false or hidden message? Are they truly for Black lives or are they hi-jacking a movement for financial gain? What...

Uncle Tom Scott

Columbia, SC - Let Uncle Tom Scott dance for you. World's number 1 coon.

George Floyd

I can't breath.

Cheap Hosting

Finding cheap hosting today is easier than you think. Companies are popping up everywhere giving you the most for your buck. Dollar hosting companies...

Blindside vs Certainty Herbicide

Blindside herbicide is quickly becoming a household product for most pesticide applicators around the world. Blindside has 6% Metsulfuron and 60% Sulfentrazone. It covers...

How to Get Your Book Published

Getting your book published is a very daunting undertaking to add to your daily schedule. If your material is completed and you feel the...

South Carolina Power Outage

The power was out for 250,000 South Carolina residents today. 20,000 of the 250,000 were in the Columbia, SC area. The power techs have...

Top 10 Most Sexiest Women of All Time

Top 10 Most Sexiest Women of All Time starting with number 10.   10. Cybill Shepherd 9. Kim Kardashian 8. Monifa Jansen 7. Julia Roberts 6. Ciara 5. Kerry Washington 4. Penelope Cruz 3. Rihanna 2. Beyonce 1....

Stock Market