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5 Practices to Become More Masculine


Ever feel like a weak beta looking for support from a woman to “complete” you? You’re in the right place. Get your popcorn and your drink and let’s dive right into this. Starting with number 5.

#5. Look everyone square in the eyes. Let them see and feel that you are there listening to everything they’re saying.

#4. Diet: Lose the fat. Eat healthier. Some foods actually kills testosterone levels. If it’s green and it grows from the earth eat it!

#3. Exercise: Lift weights and/or jog.

#2. Sleeping to rebuild your testosterone levels. You will notice this when you wake up. Your testosterone level is at it’s highest when you wake up from a long sleep. So sleep as much as possible.

#1. Find a personal hobby and devote at least 1.5 hours a day to it. Let no one disturb you. During this time everything and everyone must be secondary.


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