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6 Signs That Your Wife is a Witch


You’ve been thinking something is off. You

#6. You will find yourself thinking about her more than usual. You will know it’s weird, but for some reason you just can’t stop thinking of her.

#5. Her appearance has declined drastically. Her skin, her eyes have a dark gloomy look. Her eyes will have a slight glaze look.

#4. Scents and candles will be in the house. You may not even be aware of the smells or candles. Some may be the little oil base night lights. She’ll put different spices and herbs in them.

#3. Herbs will be used in her cooking and you will see many herbs in the cabinet. Some bottles may not have a label. Your food that you eat will be one way that she will put you under.

#2. Her logic will decline to the logic of a child. She will gradually lose this attribute. She will live and die by evil rituals. You will not be able to get her to snap out of this. The more she practice witchcraft the harder it will be for her to come out of it.

#1. She will routinely run to the restroom in the middle of cooking. If you notice this at least 2-3 times a week, she’s actively working a spell.

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