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How to Get Your Book Published

How to publish my book

Getting your book published is a very daunting undertaking to add to your daily schedule. If your material is completed and you feel the work was worth the long days and nights of endless sweat and tears you should seek a publisher to do the rest. Some publishers offer advancements to help you with some income. This is usually with well known writers, but not totally exclusively. If your book is really good and you use your negotiating skills you could actually get that advancement check.
But what is an advancement check? The advancement check if a portion of what the publisher expect to make from your book. So it’s actually a loan. If they advancement is waived you would get your whole portion of your royalty payment. For example, if you agree to a 10% royalty from your book after accepting the advancement you may only actually get 5% until the advancement check is paid back. But again, not all publishers will offer an advancement check. And when they do offer this it is usually with a known or proven author.
What do you send?
Read all requirements on the website of any publishing company. Requirements may be a little different so be careful. When in doubt, ask. Most companies can be googled. Just do your research.

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