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Effective Antiviral Drugs to Treat Coronavirus In the Pipeline. We will Have the Cure Finally.

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Now new studies are underway for the discovery of anti-viral drugs. These drugs might be useful for the treatment of coronavirus.

Good news is that a few practical researches are now showing some fruitful results.

Coronavirus is a nasty pandemic, which has been spreading like a fire for months. After emerging in Wuhan, China, it started spreading worldwide with time.

There are several drugs to treat coronavirus and decrease parthenogenesis.According to various researches, some effective drugs to treat coronavirus are as follows:

  • EIDD 2801
  • Remdesivir
  • Chloroquine
  • Favilavir
  •  Hydroxychloroquine

Favilavir Anti-Viral Drug

The National Medical Products Administration of China is giving open approval for the use of Favilavir. It is a useful anti-viral medication that has been tested on about 70 patients during various clinical trials in Shenzhen, China.

Favilavir minimizes the effects of the virus, thereby reducing its ability to make more copies in the human body. This drug has little to no side-effects indeed.


New Drugs to Treat Coronavirus

There is a new drug with the name EIDD-2801, it seems to be working very well against COVID 19. It works by creasing the infection in its progressive phase in the body.

Moreover, It prevents the coronavirus spread. It stops it by making several copies of itself in the body cells.
EIDD 2801: New Discovery

EIDD-2801 works by blocking the enzyme responsible for viral replication as soon as the virus infects only one cell. It works just the same way as remdesivir does. Indeed,both medications prevent the growth of infection.

Coronavirus tends to replicate and multiply. Actually, It uses an enzyme “RNA-Polymerase” to copy itself on the cells of the body.

New research studies are showing that remdesivir is a potent anti-viral drug, it works against viral replication of virus cells quickly.

EIDD 2801 vs Remdesivir

EIDD 2801 is far better than remdesivir for the simple fact that it is available in the form of over the counter pills. On the contrary, remdesivis works intravenously only. It might be uncomfortable for infants and elderly patients to undergo intravenous treatment.

Lab Drug Tests on Infected Mice

The first remdesivir test was on those mice which had visible signs of Sars and Mers.

After taking the drug orally, the mice showed visibly positive results. The amount of virus significantly dropped in their body, and they began to recover in no time. And eventually they begin to get hale and healthy.

As a matter of fact,the effects of remdesivir on cells and animal models show good results. The reports says it can fight against a variety of viruses, including corona.

Remdesivis may work effectively for coronavirus since it can block the enzyme itself, stopping the replication onto its tracks.


 EIDD-2801: Coronavirus Treatment

Additionally, the researchers are saying that they cannot perform EIDD-2801 on the mice to see what causes COVID 19. It is simply for the fact that the mice are not susceptible to the virus anymore; it is affecting human beings only.

In fact,remdesivis is the only drug showing greater activity and effect on polymerase compare to over the counter flu/cold drugs.

Testing on Non-primates Continues

Although they are afraid to conduct tests on non-primates, yet this must be done to find the treatment. If they get results without side-effect, they will go for human testing.

The scientists are very close to find the relevant drugs which mainly block viral RNA polymerase.

Moreover, New research is yet to be done wherein tests would be performed in clinical trials on infected people.

As of now, EIDD 2801 is the best drug to fight against the virus and prevent the symptoms. The drug decreases parthenogenesis during viral infection. Hence, it can be given to the patients for saving their lives from more pain and misery.


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