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Scott Benny’s Offer of Free Food Truck to Federal Workers

Scott Benny Offer of Food Truck to Federal Workers

During the government shutdown in the history of the United States, federal workers didn’t get their paychecks and get trash. And during the shutdown corporations like Airbnb and Fazoli help and provide offers to those federal employees. Many companies step up to help in those crises. They offer small or big help to the federal worker, but the government leaves them without any help. The Scott Benny took food truck in Midlands and gave free food to the federal workers. On those day’s many newspapers and Facebook posted the news about Scott Benny’s offer. Scott Benny’s business announced the free meal offer to those federal employees who are affected by the shutdown. It is also announced that it will carry on until the things settle down.

The requirement to take the free meal is to show the ID card for the verification. It is because it was just for the federal employees. The food truck serves individual to every employee suffering by the government shutdown.


The managers of those food truck thought wrong is happening. According to them, the community should need to be together and help those people suffering by the shutdown. The federal employees also get so much thankful o Scott Benny’s for helping them by providing free food. And Jenn Reynoso also said that’ “we should pay them back by appreciating to Scott Benny for their support towards us.”

The folks at food truck also asked on their loyalty and humbleness. The people of Scott Benny’s love those appreciations. They also said that they always there to help and support individuals because we are one unit and a village. After watching them, many other companies also started offering free meals for their promotion. The federal employees get a comfortable environment which so much supports and help during the shutdown.

The Harvest Hope Food Bank also said they are always available in any emergency during shutdown by the government. Scott Benny’s provide assistance to every individual federal employee along with his family.

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