Home National News Canada Grants Asylum to Saudi Woman Who Fled After Renouncing Islam.

Canada Grants Asylum to Saudi Woman Who Fled After Renouncing Islam.


 A woman successfully able to escape from her home country for refusing Islam.

Canada provided asylum for Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun. Thailand is where Rahaf flew to escape from her home country.canada is where she landed safely. Justin Trudeau said that Canada can’t allow Saudi Arabia to claim another life due to the refusal to allow anyone to no longer a part of any commonly accepted religious belief. Now there are many extremists in many parts of the world willing to kill and denounce their own families due to a difference in religion, and politics.

Rahaf was a victim of discrimination many Saudi women must deal with. Saudi Arabia literally has laws where men must provide women permission doing anything in their lives, therefore, Rahaf got in more trouble for going to the airport without permission. Once the father learned she renounced, she feared for her life. Her family was willing to kill her for renouncing Islam, she ran to the airport. Afterward stopped due to going there without the father’s permission(yes this is illegal to do that). The UNHCR determined that she was fleeing alleged family abuse. Individual nations usually determine Refugee status. The UNHCR can grant it where states are “unable or unwilling to do so”, according to UNHCR.

Canada is a firm believer in human rights and freedom of speech.  Ensaf Haidar and her three children also took refuge in Canada after her spouse Raif Badawi was kept by Saudi authorities. Canada has always been a supporter of religious beliefs or lack thereof.



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