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Outback Steakhouse: Harbison Blvd. Columbia, SC (4.5 Stars)

Outback is an american steak house. A cozy place for couples or families.

Food Quality(***–): 

The salad had too much dressing, otherwise okay. The green beans and squash were watered down without taste. The Buffalo Wings and Onion Petal was perfect, highly recommended. The texture of the steak was a little too soft for me.


The staff was the best part of the dinner. The waiter and waitress were great, very attentive.

outback columbia observer food critic

Food Presentation(****-):

The food presentation gets 4 stars.

outback columbia observer food critic

Wait Time(*****):

There was no waiting.


Parking was excellent, but it was on a Monday night. But we give them 5 stars.

outback columbia observer food critic


It was a little too cold. And a little too dark. My mashed potatoes cooled down very quickly due to the chill. There was not enough light to really see the food.

outback columbia observer food critic


The prices are pretty decent compared to others restaurants. I was more concerned about the quality and taste. But I can’t complain about the prices.


We give 5 stars to this category. I think they have a nice selection of steaks, and I found it hard to select.

outback columbia observer food critic


The plates were a little dirty. We could feel residue on the bottom of the bowls and plates. There was also a rip in the chair.


Overall, we liked the dinner and loved the staff, we will definitely eat there again.



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