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Remember when practically every middle aged American woke up, went to work at 9 am, lunch from 12 to 1, got off at 5, and repeated to pattern Monday through Friday? Ah! Those were the days. No worry and aggravation coordinating work schedules from a multitude of part-time jobs. After getting a simple 4 year bachelor’s degree, one could easily slide into a well-paying, full time position complete with retirement and benefits. Well, those days are fading and a new measure of success on the job market is arising.

Many recent college graduates are hit with a harsh truth of high debt and inability to find a full-time job with a sustainable salary for independent living. As a result, many graduates are moving home and working several part-time jobs simply to keep up with student loan payments. On the flip side, some choose to continue piling on the debt and enrolling in a second higher degree program while living on financial aid refund checks. No matter which road chosen, the graduate ends up falling further down the rabbit hole. So how do we escape the hamster wheel of so called “success”?

Oddly enough, the younger generation has a deficiency for properly advertising their skills and using non-conventional methods of employment. The traditional companies who once had a job fair at a local college for soon-to-be graduates are now outsourcing their work to networked companies. The change to outsourcing is evident in any type of field from medical practices to production companies. Rather than having the office workers complete tedious work that requires several hours for one simple result, companies are outsourcing these tasks. This link between companies is where graduates are missing their gold ticket to success.

The new outsourcing companies are steadily hiring new workers to complete tasks remotely while allowing the worker to set their hours and schedules. Several of these new style full-time jobs offer a salary that is much greater than a beginning office job in addition to the convenience of personal delegation of workload. This option should also be exceptionally appealing to recent graduates who plan to attend a second high degree program straight out of undergrad. Because these new firms allow an exceptional amount of flexibility at a high salary, a student could attend school full-time without having to settle for a part-time, minimum wage barista position at the local coffee shop.

So next time you see a “now hiring” sign in the local shop down the street, reconsider all your options for employment. By using your noggin and researching up-and-coming outsourcing companies, you could possibly make the equivalent of a traditional 9 to 5 office job at a fraction of the hours while still attending your degree program. Although traditional businesses and companies have outsourced in the past, the rate at which they are doing so it steadily on the rise and so is their employment demand. So instead of falling down the rabbit hole for good and sinking into a mound of debt, grab a “get out a debt free” card and tap into the non-conventional style of employment.


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