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How to Buy the Perfect Cross Country Mountain Bike


Cross country mountain bike racing has become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades. It offers an enjoyable way for people to exercise their heart as well as other muscles. An added benefit is the chance to join a biking club and meet new people. One result of this popularity is that there are more bikes than ever before on the market.  There are also many factors that consumers need to consider if they are thinking about purchasing one of them.  Consumers should get information about minor features, such as brakes, saddle, seatpost, and stem length.  However, to find the right cross country bike, beginning bikers need to consider how the bike’s major features suit their biking habits.

A bike’s suspension determines how smoothly it rides.  Cross country bikes can be classified as either full suspension or hardtail.  Full suspension bikes offer a smoother ride than do hardtail bikes, which only have front suspension.  However, many riders claim that hardtail bikes travel faster without the added suspension.

Wheel size is the next factor to consider in buying a cross country bike.  Cross country bikes come in 26-inch and 29-inch wheel sizes and the tires are skinny which enables the bike to roll fast.  Bikes with larger wheels are more stable than smaller wheeled bikes, so they tend to climb better and descend better. Also, larger wheels, which are becoming more popular, are less likely than smaller wheels to fall into potholes on a trail.

The weight of a cross country mountain racing bike is especially important to consider because a heavy bike will slow bikers down when they are racing.  The majority of cross country bikes are made of aluminum alloy.  It is more expensive than steel, but it’s lighter.  Some manufactures have higher-end, lighter aluminum frames that are more expensive.  Titanium frames are light and strong, but are very expensive and are used primarily on high-end bikes.  Carbon fiber is light and strong, but manufacturing it is very labor expensive.  Because of this, carbon fiber frames are lighter than all other types of frames.

Stiffness is definitely an aspect that individuals need to take into account when deciding on a bike for cross country mountain racing because a bike that is stiff will have better pedaling efficiency.  Stiffness controls how much a bike will resist twisting, especially in rough terrain.  Aluminum alloy frames can be very stiff and also light.  In comparison, steel frames are stiff but may be too heavy for experienced riders.  Titanium frames can be both stiff and strong, but they are not as strong as steel and are expensive to repair.  Carbon fiber frames can be the stiffest of all bike frames.  As bikers become more experienced, their appreciation for a bike frame’s stiffness increases.

Cross country mountain bikes come in a wide range of prices.  The more expensive a bike is, the more durable it will be.  Individuals who plan to ride the bike on a regular basis should spend roughly around $900.


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