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Millennials Look Smart, But We Sure Are Dumb


Have you ever wired a plug? Cooked a cake from scratch? Changed a tire? Many millennials will reply with a negative answer. Contrary to the generation X headstrong mindset to achieve and live the American Dream, their children grew up in a privileged yet disadvantaged society. Many young individuals have no idea how to do basic tasks that their grandparents would have been required to do on a regular basis. So with such a technologically and academically advanced society, how did my tagged generation turn out so senseless?

We need to go back a few generations to understand to economic effects that lead to the privileged lifestyle of millennials. Their grandparents grew up during the liberal, activist days of the 1060s and 70s. Their grandparents were the political vehicle for the current actions and consequences of our current generation’s mindset, goals, and political views. Essentially, the baby boomer’s created a societal changed that required the policies to skip a general in order for the future generations to reap the benefits of their actions. Essentially, prosperity skipped a generation.

Now, many of you might be asking yourself why have a lux lifestyle would be bad for children. In short, it’s the very things that make life so comfortable that cause children to negatively respond to other circumstances. Because the latest generation has not lived through the great depression or is too young to remember the financial crisis of 2008, they don’t have an appreciative mindset. Millennials believe the leisure of modern life is entitled to them, regardless of work or backgrounds. Because everyone else drives X car, then it’s due to me to drive X car as well. This is a warped version of reality.

In addition to the luxuries millennials are given, they are also extremely depended on the previous generation to support their style of life. More college graduates are moving back home and mooching off their parents, having their car payments paid for my mommy or daddy, and right down to the food they consume being funded from previous generational successes.

So it’s time for my general to wake up, stop smelling the fake roses, and get a taste of what work and unfiltered success tastes like. The current generation needs not take drastic standards to move out of the country and survive in a reality that’s not sugar coated by reliance on another party’s previous success. In short, my general is the “moochers’ generation”. We’ve taken from student loans, parents, credit cards, anything we can find to keep up a luxury lifestyle. Over 50% of college graduates end up with just credit card debt, excluding all other debts. You could say that’s starting off on the wrong foot, but truly, there wasn’t a foot to begin with because they started in the negative. Millennials need to reevaluate their current situation of supposedly “living independently” and realize they are on long term welfare from the generosity of other individuals. In short—welcome to reality, millennials.


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