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How to Correctly Fertilize Your Lawn


Fertilizing your lawn is a very intricate process that requires a little patience and a lot of caution. However, it’s well worth it as the end result is beautiful lawn that stays healthy and that lasts. Here are five simple steps to fertilizing your lawn:

1. Test your soil. Knowing your soils pH level is important since this will determine whether your soil can withstand the fertilizer or not. A pH test measures the alkalinity or acidity and will help you in deciding which fertilizer is best for your lawn. It should measure between 6.0 and 7.0 as this is the best range for growing healthy grass.

2. Determine the size of your lawn. Multiply your lawns length by its width to determine square footage that will be fertilized. A package of fertilizer usually tell you the amount of square feet it will cover and are sold in accordance to those measurements.

3. Water your lawn. Before applying fertilizer, make sure to water your grass thoroughly a day or so ahead. After the grass has dried, apply the fertilizer and water it once more. This second application is to help wash the fertilizer off the grass and into the soil, making this particular step extremely important. Be sure to avoid fertilizing your lawn during extremely dry weather conditions. When the grass is brittle or brown due to lack of moisture.

4. Decide between broadcast or drop spreader. For a more controlled distribution of fertilizer, use a drop spreader. It will cost a bit more but it’s definitely well worth it, especially if you have fertilizing a suburban sized lawn. However if you’re working with a larger sized lawn, a broadcast spreader would be ideal.

5. Set the spreader.  For a broadcast spreader, set the application settings in accordance to the instructions listed on the bag. Ensuring the fertilizer is away from the skin and eyes (mask and gloves highly recommended), sit the spreader on a hard surface and proceed to fill the hopper. Apply evenly and clean the spreader, and any excess fertilizer from driveway, patio, sidewalk. If you’re applying liquid spreader, fill the sprayer canister with the liquid fertilizer. After attaching it to the end of your garden hose, slowly and evenly apply it spraying in a side-to-side motion.

Be sure to dress for safety when applying the fertilizer. Also after applying, make sure to keep your pets and other people away from the grass for 24 hours.


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