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The Benefits of a College Degree


It’s no secret that for the past few years the American economy has been in less-than-perfect condition. With the cost of a college education going up and the possibility of finding a well-paying job seemingly going down, the benefits of a college education seem to be dwindling; however, things are not always what they seem.  A college education is more important today than ever before.

The people who are more likely to be employed are people with college degrees. The financial perks of a college degree are obvious; however, financial benefits aren’t the only advantages college graduates experience.  The benefits of a college degree include educating yourself on other cultures and people in the diverse college atmosphere. College students benefit from the numerous leadership, travel, and networking opportunities which aren’t so easily accessed without being in a college or university.

Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of a college degree is not just to get a job.  The real purpose of a college degree is to expand students’ minds and to introduce them to other cultures and other schools of thought.  When students graduate college, they will have learned how much they don’t know.  So for the rest of their lives, they are continuing to study and to learn, and that makes them better citizens.  Since college graduates are more knowledgeable about other cultures, they do not approach people from other cultures with a preconceived set of prejudices because, at almost all colleges, students have probably had classes with people who were from other parts of the world.

The benefits of a college degree are so tremendous that to simply limit them to money or a job is closing the door to all the experiences individuals could have that would affect them for the rest of their lives. College graduates are more likely to vote in elections, so they’re more active in the political process than people who did not attend college.  As a result, college graduates are more informed about the world and society. This enables them to make wise choices and develop into productive citizens to make society better

In addition to increasing financial stability and exposure to other cultures, a third advantage of having a college degree involves the habit of learning.  Whether students attend a university, community college, or technical school, they are likely to acquire this invaluable habit.  Institutions of higher learning systematize this habit of learning in a way that makes it almost impossible to forget.  It’s the way that an individual approaches input, any kind of input, that is one of the great advantages of higher education.

The benefits of a college degree are many.  From increasing the likelihood of financial stability, to becoming more familiar with other cultures, and developing the habit of learning, a college education is a gift that will undoubtedly keep on giving.  Having a college degree can positively affect an individual’s life.  The more education you have, the better off you are.


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