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Spanking Your Child: Weighing The Pros and Cons


This topic is a very debated one, and has been for quite some time. When it comes to disciplining your child, how much is too much? Maybe you have been debating on whether or not to take the route of spanking your child,but you aren’t quite sure if you should. If so here’s a list of pros and cons to help you decide:


#1. The shock value. The initial shock of a quick smack to the bottom always resonates with a child. They will be so surprised that they’ll quit whatever their doing in a heartbeat. It will stop them in their tracks and due to the initial jolt, they will remember not to do it again.

#2. It leads to respect. When you spank your child, they quickly learn that behaving in a manner that is not good will lead to consequences. This ultimately shows them that you’re in charge and they as the child, should respect you as their parent.

#3. Prevents dangerous choices. Anytime your child misbehaves and you spank them, you’re showing them that there are consequences for every action. They may not see it at the time, but you love and care for them even when showing tough love. Lots of parents can attest to spanking their kids and how it’s stopped them from doing something that would otherwise, bring hurt or harm to them in the end.


#1. May lead to violent tendencies. If not done properly, a child can misinterpret spankings as violence. This can lead to an idea that violence is the answer, and a way to get anything they want. They can also begin to think threats are okay, along with causing harm to others in order to be heard.

#2. Can cause physical harm. There is a very thin line between spanking your kid and just flat out beating them. The last thing you should want is your child having bruising or any other kinds of marks on their body, due to you hitting them way too hard. A few taps that are firm but not too forceful, are more than enough to get the message across.

#3. May cause your child to fear you. It may sound okay to have your children fear you since this usually leads to respect but, it’s not exactly a good thing. This can go either way as spankings can also lead to your child feeling as though they will be physically reprimanded, no matter what. This is not healthy and can lead to other problems such as sneakiness and rebellion. Especially if they start to resent you.

All in all, there is no manual on how to parent. If you’re considering spanking your child, it’s best to do your own research. In the end, ensure to choose a discipline style that works best for you and more importantly, that is safest for your child.


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