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Warning Signs Of A Suicidal Teen


Seeing your child go through tough situations is hard on any parent. Sometimes these situations can get out of hand, and lead to things way worse than expected. If you’re unsure, and you feel your teen may be troubled beyond your control, knowing the signs can really help. Here are some warning signs that your child may be suicidal:

Severe Depression. Generally, depression is the main problem that causes or brings about thoughts of suicide. Bouts of sadness, crying excessively, loss of interest in social or physical activities, restlessness, decline in school performance, and lack of motivation or enthusiasm are all signs that point to depression. These are all red flags, and it would be in your teens best interest to talk to a professional to get to the bottom of their depression.

Making suicidal jokes. As the saying goes, jokes come from a serious place. If your teen is bringing up the topic of killing themselves whether it be in a joking manner or a nonchalant tone, take it seriously. This means that harming themselves is without a doubt on their minds.

Mysterious cuts or wounds. Usually a teen will start out with minor cuts, scrapes, or even burns. If you notice any unusual wounds or cuts on their bodies, they are more than likely harming themselves by using objects to inflict pain. Make sure to keep an eye on any potential sharp objects around, and don’t be afraid to inquire if you feel that something isn’t right.

Sneaking pills and medicines. It’s no secret that prescription medicine is often abused. Many teens may seek it using it as a means to cope and to “numb” their emotions. It’s an easy way to cause health problems, cause your body to shut down, and in most cases, lead to death. If you’re medicine is going missing or if your teen is displaying abnormal behaviors as if under the influence of prescription medicine, this is a sign that they may be suicidal and they are in need of help.

Writing “goodbye” poems. This is one of the biggest signs that unfortunately loved ones don’t see until it’s too late. A good number of  teens keep journals or notebooks that they write in as a means to escape. Don’t be afraid to ask about the journal or show major concern, especially if they have shown other symptoms of being suicidal.MarriageSofa


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