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10 Signs Your Husband Is Having An Affair


10 Signs Your Husband Is Having An Affair

When it comes to marriage, many women have an ideal life in mind. Beautiful home, beautiful kids, an amazing marriage, a picture perfect life. Sometimes though, that perfect picture is ruined due to infidelity. Here are 10 signs that your husband is being unfaithful:

1. He’s distant. Often times in relationships, communication can be lost due to stress of life in general. However, if your

husband isn’t showing much affection towards you anymore, and he is being unusually stand-offish then he is probably giving all of his attention to somebody else.

2. He works way more than usual. It’s not unusual to have to work long nights or for extended hours from time to time, but

if he’s calling multiple times a week to let you know that he’s gonna have “another late night at the office,” then this is more than cause for concern.

3. He changed his style. If you’re used to seeing your husband dressed casually everyday, and he suddenly decides to dress up more than usual, this is a huge red flag. A new wardrobe along with hanging out more, and running errands at late hours, definitely spells out trouble. There is a very strong chance that he’s seeing someone else.

4. He’s happier than usual. Sure it’s nice to see your hubby happy and cheery, but not when this behavior is unusually out of the blue. If he is suddenly stopping off to get you flowers multiple times a week, or showering you with gifts out of nowhere, beware. Because although it may be nice, someone else may be the reason behind the sudden “spike” in happiness. 

5. He’s overly protective of his phone. This is usually the biggest tell-tell sign of a cheating husband/spouse. If he’s getting worked up about you simply being in the same vicinity of his phone, or if he suddenly starts to keep it near him much more than before, more than likely your guy has something to hide.

6. He consistently makes it in late. In general, we can usually gauge when our significant others or spouses will be home for the day. Sure there may be a few times that he will call to let you know that he’s running late, but if he continuously gets home well after his usual time then it’s safe to say he’s making one too many extra stops on his way home from work.

7. His phone buzzes throughout the night. His phone may go off a lot during the day but now his phones going off during the

wee hours of the morning? You can be sure that someone else is texting and calling your guy, and that it’s completely unrelated to work.

8. He would rather run errands alone. It’s not unusual or strange to want to go run errands alone. However, if your guy stresses over and over that he would rather go to the store, take out the trash, or head to the gas station every time by himself, then this is every reason to raise a brow. He just might be running other kinds of errands that you aren’t quite aware of.

9. He starts fights. If things are running smoothly and your husband starts a fight out of nowhere, for the hundredth time, that’s definitely a problem. He’s purposely creating a rift so that he can have a “reason” to leave and come back if when he feels like it. This usually happens when someone else is in the picture.

10. He constantly accuses you of infidelity. As the old saying

goes, a hit dog will holler. If your husband constantly comes to you and accuses you of cheating, you can be sure that he is definitely being unfaithful and he’s dealing with an insanely guilty conscience.


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