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How To Become More Approachable To The Opposite Sex


There are lots of single people out there longing and searching for their better half. However, most find it extremely difficult when it comes to attracting others. Well with these tips you can and will attract someone, a very special someone, in no time. Here are a few ways on how you can become more approachable to the opposite sex:

Become a positive magnet. Everyone knows that smiles rule over frowns any day. When you radiate positive energy, others can feel it and more importantly, they will gravitate to you because of it. By being upbeat, happy, and full of positive energy, you can not only attract a romantic partner, but also   new opportunities, great people, and an overall happier outlook on life.

Look like a million bucks. Okay maybe not a million, but at least like a stylish, poised, clean-cut individual. Your appearance speaks volumes, and you want it to always say great things about you. When you look good you feel even better, so don’t be afraid to jazz things up a bit when stepping out into the world. This will lead to a boost in self esteem, and an increase in confidence which is always very attractive.

Give a compliment. When we receive compliments, it makes our day. So don’t hesitate to pay someone a compliment. This is a great ice breaker as well as an opportune way for someone to take notice of you. So when in doubt, just say something nice. After all, this could be the perfect push for someone that has already been admiring you.

Don’t be shy. Although it may not be easy, resist all urges to be timid. Don’t be afraid to strike up a little conversation, whether you give someone a compliment or you’re interested to know what book they are reading, there’s no better time than the present. Simply initiating conversation is a great sign that you’re open, confident, outgoing, and most importantly, approachable.

Keep an open mind. Having expectations and being picky is fine however, often times we can miss out on great people and good times because of it. So keep an open mind. Even though someone may not fit a particular set of your criteria, doesn’t mean they aren’t able to match up in other areas that truly matter. Sure standards are great, but missing out on a potential soul mate isn’t. Just be open and give things a shot, you’ll never know until you try!


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