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Immigration Ban Still Up in the Air


Perhaps the most controversial topic of the Trump presidency thus far would be the Executive order signed by President trump, now known as the Immigration ban, banning immigrants from seven, mainly Muslim, countries. Immediately after the order was signed, protesters began gathering outside of the White House and Trump Tower speaking out against the ban. Further more, when travelers from the banned countries were detained at international airports across the country, protesters came out in droves in support of the immigrants.

Since then, the executive order has attracted law suits from several states and entities, with the prime one in the spotlight being Washington. Today, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing testimony from Department of Justice Lawyers, as well as those from the states of Washington and Minnesota. Though a ruling isn’t anticipated today, the court stated that is would “probably this week.” Still, Trump and his supporters are furious.

Trump, while at the White House with Sheriffs from across the nation, stated “I actually can’t believe that we’re having to fight to protect the security, in a court system, to protect the security of our nation.” Trump cited the ISIS claim to “infiltrate the US through migration” when backing his controversial act. Still, many say it’s over reaching on his part.

The Judge overseeing the court asked the DOJ lawyers Monday “How many arrests have been made of immigrants from these countries since 9/11?” While the lawyer attempted to go around the question, the Judge interrupted and said “None. To my knowledge there have been zero arrests since 9/11.” Critics use this same topic when debating against the order.

In the liberal-leaning Seattle Court, the question is most definitely going to be about the amount of power the President has to issue such an order, though the only item up for debate is of the Seattle-based judge had the right to stop the execution of the order. No doubt, President Trumps presidency s going to be fill with this same type of news. After all, what do we expect when the country is divided in a half in their support or disdain for the current administration.

Check back here for further updates as the battle on the immigration ban rages on in the court.


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